How Creating an Editorial Calendar Can Save Your Life

why-you-need-an-editorial-calendarYes, I’m being a tad bit dramatic. But am I? If the purpose of creating an editorial calendar is to streamline your content creation workflow - from ideation to publication - to save you time and nip stress in the bud – doesn’t it kind of save your life?

Chronic stress is extremely taxing on your body, it can lead to heart disease, make you gain weight and of course – there’s anxiety and depression. The fight-or- flight response activated by stress - floods your body with hormones that elevate your heart rate, increase your blood pressure and well – make you feel like you’re having a heart attack. Chronic stress is a killer – so there you have it – creating an editorial calendar can save your life!

What is an editorial calendar?

An editorial calendar is a plan of attack, a schedule used by bloggers, publishers and businesses to generate ideas and themes for content to publish through one’s various media channels on an ongoing basis.

It helps:

·         Manage the process of content creation, publication and planning

·         Deliver consistent messaging so that you are frequently publishing new content or curated content

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Creating Content - What to Write This Month

creating-content-what-to-write-this-monthNailing down what to write is a problem faced by bloggers, small business owners, and content teams alike. It’s legit – especially given that maintaining your blog is synonymous with maintaining your website’s SEO endeavors.

Supposing you’re not the type that thinks your next cup of coffee will summon the muse and your fingers will magically type away your next stellar piece of content, here are a few humble suggestions that may inspire your next post.

Write about what you know

Chances are you know more than the average Joe about your industry or your niche topic – otherwise you probably wouldn’t be in business or have a blog. Share it with others. As my friend Anton says “sharing means caring”. Not only does it provide you with something to write about, it shows that you are authentic and that you care about your customers, your work and yourself.   

I would rather hire a landscaper who writes confidently about flowers and stonework in his blog than the guy whose website just says “I’m a landscaper, hire me.” But again, that’s just me writing what I know I would do.

Address questions

Just answer the questions already! Those frequently asked questions can be the next five or ten articles you write about. This goes along with the former tip - when you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again – it’s probably because people value your insight. By writing it down, you have yourself your next piece of content and you also provide a unique and useful article for the search engines to crawl to boost your SEO.

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Does Social Media Apply to My Business?


That’s the short answer. Here's why: the world is becoming more social with 2.95 billion active Internet users as of Aug. 2014. 

2.03 billion are active social media users. People utilize their social media networks to connect with their friends and family, to relay information, seek recommendations, or promote products they trust. Sharing via social media allows you to tap into a greater audience than SEO alone ever could.

Sharing via social gets your website more inbound links

You increase traffic to your site via social media links – creating greater brand awareness for your company and upping your SEO credibility. Think of links as votes in favor of your website. The more links you have plugging back to your site, the greater search engines look upon this and the greater chances your awesome website is reaching out to people.

Sharing via social multiplies your online presence

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it – does it make a sound? Same goes for that awesome blog post you wrote – if no one reads it, does it exist? Without getting too philosophical – the point is - if you have great content to share – spread the word via your social media channels. If no one knows about it, how are they supposed to get the goods?

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What to Expect After Launching a New Website

AfterWebsiteLaunchLaunching a new website is exciting and nerve-racking all at once, we get it. You’re exposing your new baby to the world. You’ve spent weeks, possibly months fretting over colours, pictures, wording, do I justify the text to the left or the right?

With so much time and creative energy invested in the creation of your website, once it comes to life and is live on the web – then what?

We are often asked by clients ‘what’s next?’ after a website has launched and in an effort to answer the question, listed below are a few tips on the next steps:

Be Patient

It takes time for the major search engines to find your website, crawl it and then index all your valuable information. We completely understand that yesterday you were hoping to be the very first listing after the paid ads – but you need to remember that search engines are crawling through countless pages of content all over the web. With people all over the world putting out new content everyday – the engines – as brilliant as they are, still need time to process all the information.

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3 Essential SEO Tips

191Everyone wants to know how to get their website to the top of Google; as a company who designs websites - we hear it all the time. Without a doubt, search engine optimization is critical if you want to move up the rankings in Google’s listings. More importantly, good SEO markets your company’s products and services.

Below are 3 extremely valuable tips to work your way up the search rankings via stellar SEO:

1. Content is King

Bill Gates said it, and well, enough said. We've done a write up about this before and you can read it here

Search engines are answer machines. Google especially prides itself on answering your queries with the most useful and relevant results the internet has to offer. Thus, what your content says – matters. In addition to being your company’s persona online, your words tell search engines what you do and index the results accordingly.

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Animating Characters in Real Time With Your Face

Last week, Adobe unveiled a video previewing their Character Animator and the software looks unreal! Posed to be a part of the Adobe CC suite, the application is sure to be a game-changer for 2D animators; helping downsize work time and allowing for playtime in front of the facial recognition software that animates characters in real time.

Using advanced face tracking, the application synchs the movements of the human face with that of any character created in Photoshop or Illustrator. When you speak, your character speaks. When you blink, so does your character. By naming image layers according to Character Animator conventions, the software captures your facial movements and animates that of your characters simultaneously. Simple movements can be controlled via your mouse.

Don’t believe us – have a look:


Though, it is still in its preview phase, we’re uber impressed and can’t wait to play with the final product.

You can also check out the After Effects blog to learn more about the features set to be a part of Character Animator.

Google Asks: Are you mobile friendly?

Starting April 21, Google is expanding their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in the Google search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their specific devices. You can read more about this here.

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Technology never stops improving... your website shouldn’t either.


Don't Get Left Behind!

One of the fastest ways to stimulate growth and make your business more competitive is to work with us and incorporate the latest website upgrades & support while taking advantage of our affordable financing options. Please fill out our simple Website Upgrade form and we'll be in contact to discuss all of the details with you. You can also call us toll free 1-888-595-9932, or locally 403-455-1658, or just email us at sales@blueoceanyyc.comWe will respond to every website upgrade inquiry within one business day.

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We have teamed up with the reputable and well-established leasing company, National Leasing Group, that allows us to offer affordable monthly payment plans to our customers. We have 24 month and 36 month plans available to make it very easy to manage costs and move forward on website upgrades.

Website Upgrade Details

If you are a little bit unsure of what some of the upgrades would do for your website, here is a description of each upgrade we are offering to help you understand what we're offering:

Refreshed and Current Design Update

Each website upgrade starts with a review of the current design and how it can be updated and refreshed to be looking clean, modern, and easy to understand. Whether it is a very subtle change or a major restructuring of the layout, we typically start with a design update to utilize the latest web technology we provide in our upgrade.

'Mobile Friendly' Template Upgrade

This upgrade would allow your website to automatically rebuild it's layout to efficiently place all of the elements within the page in a fashion that suits the device. This means your website will look great and be easy to use on all desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones of all sizes.

SEO Treatment Upgrade

Getting found on the first page of search results on popular search engines has become an extremely important factor in generating website traffic. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) upgrade we're offering will greatly improve your website search results and get your website found on the first pages of search queries.

Content Management System Upgrade

Our new Content Management System (CMS) has been greatly improved in many different areas; the biggest features being: up-to-date security features, new user interface, more built-in components, more efficient programming, and improved content editing features.

Website Content Upgrade

Fresh new content (text & imagery) is a great way to upgrade your website which would increase traffic and help with search engine results. We would conduct a "content interview" with your company that would create new content for the website. We would also offer a photoshoot session where we would create new custom photos for the website.

Content is King!

The way users read on the web is different from the way they read printed pages. For most people, reading onscreen is tiring for the eyes, and 25 per cent slower, so users scan the page until they find information relevant to their search and then they read.

Create scan-able pages by using:

  • highlighted keywords

  • meaningful sub-headings (rather than "clever" ones)

  • bulleted lists

  • one idea per paragraph

  • inverted pyramid style (start with the conclusion)

  • lean text (short paragraphs, short sentences, short words)

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Is it Possible to Optimize for Google Hummingbird?

With the latest changes to the Google search engine, many marketing execs and business owners are wondering: how can I optimize my website for Google Hummingbird? While the change itself has been gradually taking place for some time now, it was officially launched at Google’s recent 15th anniversary party.

Hummingbird is not about ranking penalties like Google Panda and Penguin Updates were. It’s goal is not to reduce spam. Instead, Hummingbird focuses on shifting search results to favour contextually driven results instead of merely keyphrases. Google has not merely adjusted their existing algorithm, they have completely replaced it with a brand new one.

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