The State of Google’s SEO Ranking Factors in 2017


It’s crazy to think that Google has only been around since 1998. For those of us that remember the days where you’d have to rifle through heavy encyclopedias to find information, the time seems at once so long ago and yet not so long ago. Nearly 2 decades since its inception, the search engine giant and its algorithm now greatly dictate how we use the web, what we find on the web and how we build websites in an effort to rank higher up in Google’s search results.

With each passing year, each passing day really, Google’s algorithm evolves. As they continuously find ways to fine tune their program to build a better search experience for all, the SEO industry is kept on its toes and web developers scramble to get the inside scoop. For business website owners keeping up to date with Google’s SEO ranking factors is a must, if they want to remain relevant and move their way up the search results pages.

SEO techniques that were once kosher may now be irrelevant. In fact, what once was ok may now belong to black hat SEO tactics that if Google detects will result in penalization. Realizing that people tried to con their system by stuffing content full of key words, buying links, duplicating existing content and so forth, caused the search engine to just get smarter.

RankBrain is one of Google’s newest additions to their algorithm and uses machine learning artificial intelligence to help process search results. It can detect whether content is relevant to targeted key words or not. This is merely one component among many others that Google uses to index and rank web pages accordingly. In addition, they look at page speed loading times, whether a site is mobile responsive, how many backlinks the web page has and numerous other things.

Fortunately, Dot Com Infoway has created an infographic compiling information from various legitimate sources that speak of the current state of Google’s SEO ranking factors. They’ve also helpfully include promotional strategies you can employ in the age of 2017 to get your business website front and centre ideally on page 1. Take a look:   

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