PLANC International Ltd. Is Live with a New Web Design

PLANC-website-design-calgaryCourtesy of our web development team, PLANC International Ltd. has a new website design live on the web. Having worked together in the past for their Pantheon Petro Projects website, their leadership team contacted us again to create a new site for their newly developed sister company, PLANC.

The web design is fully mobile responsive and utilizes best practices to lay out pertinent information in a manner that is easy to navigate. We have programmed the site using a content management system which allows site administrators to easily update, edit and make changes to images and text on the frontend of the website.

PLANC International Ltd. is a company with Aboriginal ties that provides global innovated HR solutions for organizations. They provide recruiting and placement services for the oil and gas industry, uniting top level talent with employment opportunities and supplying workforce solutions for their clients.

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ACMA Has a New Mobile Responsive Web Design

ACMA-calgary-website-designLooking to get their website mobile responsive, the board at ACMA (the Association of Condominium Managers of Alberta) contacted our web design team. We were happy to come to the rescue and get their website mobile-friendly. The new web design is now live.

Our website development team, worked with their team to create a sitemap that makes for easy navigation on the website. We custom programmed the site so users can sign up and register for memberships, pay for courses and events online. There is also a secure members-only login area where further information can be accessed and uploaded by the ACMA team.

The Association of Condominium Managers of Alberta (ACMA) is a not-for-profit association that represents the condominium community. ACMA provides resources and education to its members. Members include corporations, individuals and associated business working within the condominium community.

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The New Website Design for Eideticom is Live

eideticom-calgary-website-designSerial entrepreneurs and application software experts, Eideticom, contacted our team to develop a new website for their recently established business. They also needed a new logo design to brand the company and our graphic design team was up to the task.

We have created a custom website design that is mobile-responsive and features the many talents of the Eideticom team. The website is easy to navigate and is programmed using a content management system which allows Eideticom to easily edit and make changes to the website’s frontend.

Eideticom delivers state-of-the-art communications and application software. Whether it’s end-to-end communication systems or application specific accelerators targeting data analytics, forward error correction or other areas, customers look to Eideticom for solutions.

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A Fresh New Website Design for Calgary’s S2 Architecture

350In need of a major website redesign, the team at S2 Architecture contacted our web development crew. We are stoked to announce that the new web design is now live.

Our team worked with the Calgary architectural firm to create a custom web design, building and programing components to the client’s specifications. In contrast to its predecessor, the new website heavily features photos of the structures and communities designed by the firm and is fully mobile-responsive, viewing suitably across all devices.

S2 Architecture is an established firm with over 20 years of history in design excellence. They are a full service architectural and interior design firm with studios in Calgary and Edmonton, engaged in inspired and innovative design and planning.

To view the new website design in action, you can visit it here:

A Website Design Solution for ProMed Staffing Solutions

promed-website-design-calgaryLooking to have a new website designed for their recently established healthcare staffing and job placement division, our long time clients ProTemps got in touch with our team. We are happy to say that the new website design for ProMed is live.

We’ve developed a custom web design that allows those seeking employment or those seeking employees in the healthcare industry to easily find what they’re looking for. The website is fully mobile responsive and uses a content management system which allows site administrators at ProMed to easily update job postings and other relevant information.

ProMed Staffing Solutions provides healthcare staffing and job placement services for medical professionals. Their staffing consultants ensure that all professional candidates are carefully screened and qualified prior to matching them to the perfect position.

To find healthcare jobs or professionals today, check out their new website here:  

CampTek is Sporting a New Website Design

camptek-new-website-design-calgaryCourtesy of our website development team, CampTek has a new web design. They had initially contacted us to create a corporate video to showcase the many features of a cool new product – the CampTek iTV - and following the successful completion of that project asked us to also update their website. The new web design is live.

We have created a mobile responsive web design that scales to size on all devices in both portrait and landscape views. In addition, we’ve programmed the site using a content management system which allows site administrators to easily make changes and upload files to the website.

CampTek is dedicated to connecting remote work camps to the rest of the world by offering innovative products and turnkey communications systems and solutions that are designed specifically for the unique needs of the remote camp industry.

To learn more and see the new website, go here:

Constructing a New Web Design for West Pointe Building Services

west-pointe-calgary-website-designWe’re at it again with a new web design going live for West Pointe Building Services. Their team got in touch with our web development crew hoping to create a new website and that’s exactly what we did.

We’ve built a custom web design that features their building services in an easy to navigate manner. We supplied content writing services in addition to developing a content management system that allows West Pointe site administrators to easily manage the website.

West Pointe Building Services provides high quality, reliable commercial roofing, building envelope services and systems in Calgary and throughout Alberta. With over 35 years of expertise in the building services market, their highly skilled team raises the bar in all aspects of commercial roofing and building envelope systems.

To view the site in full, you can go here:

Welcome the New Web Design for Calgary’s Welcome Centre

welcome-centre-calgary-web-designLooking to create a new website for the recently established support centre for refugees and newcomers, Calgary’s Welcome Centre contacted our web development team. We are happy to say that the new website is up and running.

We have created a custom web design that highlights the many services provided by the Welcome Centre, integrating an event calendar component that allows visitors to search upcoming gatherings and activities. We also incorporated PayPal functionality into the site, so that those looking to make a donation to the organization can do so online.

The Welcome Centre is a non-profit organization started by the Muslim Community Foundation of Calgary that welcomes refugees and newcomers from all cultures. They provide services and programs to help facilitate stable resettlement and integration while respecting all those they serve.

To learn more and see the new site, go here: 

A Web Design Restoration for Calgary’s Cosmos Collision Centre

339Cosmos Collision owner, Loc Ngo, contacted our web development team hoping to have his website completely redone and refinished. We were totally up to the challenge and are proud to announce that the new web design is live.

Our team crafted a custom web design that beautifully showcases the luxury vehicle repair work done at Cosmos. We’ve utilized a video as the background piece that web visitors first lay eyes on when coming to the site. We also helped craft the messaging and copy for the site. The website is fully mobile responsive and is programmed using a content management system.

Cosmos Collision is a Calgary automotive body shop specializing in the collision repairs of luxury import vehicles. They tend to damaged vehicles with care, expertise and an exacting attention to detail to restore vehicles to their original state of beauty.

To view the new web design in full, you can go here:

A Web Design Overhaul for Blue Ridge Excavating

blueridge-excavating-calgary-web-designLooking to update their website and upgrade to a mobile friendly web design, the team at Blue Ridge Excavating contacted us. We’re happy to say that their new responsive website is live.

We’ve created a custom web design, using larger images of the Blue Ridge fleet and team at work. The site is responsive, scaling to size such that it displays nicely on all devices.  We also developed the site using a CMS, making for easy editing and uploading of files to the website.

Blue Ridge Excavating has served the needs of Calgary and surrounding area homebuilders and contractors for over 35 years. They provide comprehensive excavation services for residential, commercial and acreage development projects.

Check out their new web design here:  

Introducing the New Web Design for Pelvic Floor

pelvic-floor-calgary-website-designUrogynecology specialist, Dr. Murphy got in contact with our web development team looking to have his website redesigned. We were up to the task and are happy to announce that the new web design for Pelvic Floor is live.

Our team created a custom web design, incorporating Dr. Murphy’s colours of choice. We cleaned up the information architecture, making it easier for web visitors to find the material that they seek. The site is programmed using a content management system, allowing for easy editing and maintenance of the website’s content.

Dr. Murphy specializes in providing comprehensive and courteous care for pelvic floor disorders including: incontinence, prolapse, pain associated with intercourse and chronic pelvic pain. His private practice is located just on Glenmore Trail in Calgary, AB.

To view the full website, you can go here: