Redesigning the Rocky Mountain College Website

rmc-new-website-design-calgaryWith two websites running but both failing to serve the needs of its audience, Rocky Mountain College contacted our web design team to get their web presence in order. We are happy to say that the RMC/Pathways site is now live. 

In keeping with their current marketing materials, our designers created a web layout that compliments RMC’s existing branding. We have created an intuitive website that ensures a proper mobile experience for users and have programmed the site such that administrators have the ability to easily update and edit information.

Rocky Mountain College delivers high quality Christian and biblical leadership training to equip students for professional or lay ministry through online courses or small classroom settings. 

To learn more of their offerings and see the site, you can go here:

Unveiling the New Website Design for Brazel Construction Ltd.

brazel-construction-calgary-website-designOur most recent web design to launch is for Calgary’s Brazel Construction, a family owned earthmoving business. Though Brazel Construction has been in operation since the 1980’s, they did not have a website. Realizing the importance of having an online presence, they contacted our web design crew to create a custom made site.

We have designed a modern, full screen responsive website that scales to size in both portrait and landscape modes.  The site is programmed using a CMS, enabling the website’s administrator full control of content and functionality, allowing for easy editing and uploading of PDFs, links, images, videos and other documents.

Brazel Construction operates throughout Alberta providing earthmoving, grinding, clearing and screening services. Brazel Construction began moving dirt in 1982 with a D7 and pull scraper. Heavy equipment was added from there with grinders coming into the mix in 1996.

To learn more and see the full website, visit it here:

Building a Brand & Website for The Grocery Link

grocerylink-website-brand-design-calgaryWe are pleased to announce the launch of The Grocery Link, a brand new Calgary based grocery shopping and delivery service. Our web and design team developed the brand and logo, all promotional print marketing materials, and created a custom built website with comprehensive backend and frontend functionality.

Meeting with The Grocery Link’s owner and creator, Paul Hutlet, our graphic designer crafted a logo to represent the service that brings groceries from the “store to your door”. In addition, we designed various print marketing materials including business cards, postcard mail-outs, posters, vehicle decals and t-shirts for the reps. Our web development team, worked diligently to deadline to create a custom built website that allows users to sign up for memberships, make donations to The Grocery Link’s sponsorship program, as well as nominate and sign up for various programs offered by the company.  

The Grocery Link is not an online retailer, they are a program designed to save you money, time and save the environment. They help people in need and help educate youth and families about the economics of groceries and the relationship food waste has on the environment. They offer grocery shopping, prescription pickup and quick-shop services.

To learn more and sign up today, visit:

Redesigning the Rhoziva Website

rhoziva-website-design-calgaryHoping to rebrand and reinvigorate their website’s design, Rhoziva contacted our web design team. We are happy to say that the new and improved site is up.

We did a complete redesign and have created a modern, mobile friendly website that showcases the many benefits of Rhoziva. We built the ecommerce portion of the site where users are able to buy Rhoziva online as well, we’ve incorporated a searchable by postal code retails locations map component.

Rhoziva™ is a proprietary herbal blend utilizing the powerful Rhodiola rosea root that has been proven to fight fatigue, promote mental focus and clarity, enhance memory, increase physical endurance during periods of physical exertion and support physical and mental stamina during times of increased stress. 

To learn more about this herbal supplement and see the site, you can go here:

A New Website for a New Rental Property

calgary-website-design-mission17Looking to promote their upcoming rental property, the Mission17/Buss Marketing crew got in touch with our web development team to create a website for them. The new website is now live.

We’ve created a full screen, mobile friendly web design that highlights the property’s features, location and amenities. A gallery and pre registration form is available for those looking to rent a unit in the building.

Pre registration (i.e. registration before March 1, 2016) includes access to the best available suites, pricing and free extras which include 30 days of free rent, talisman passes, free moving costs and LRT train tickets. 

To learn more and see the full site, you can go here:

The Little Tigers Website Roars to Life with a New Web Design

little-tigers-calgary-website-designCalgary’s Little Tigers Childproofing Services has a fresh new website courtesy of our web design team. Looking to update their old site, they contacted us to upgrade their existing ecommerce website.

Our web team created a modern, mobile responsive design using full screen imagery to highlight the childproofing products and services they provide.   Integrating the online store into the design, we updated products as needed. As well, we incorporated their social media accounts as requested.

Little Tigers is a family owned business founded in 1998 that offers childproofing products and services to keep little ones safe. Their expertise in understanding the hazards, knowledge of the best childproofing products and guaranteed installation is what customers can always expect from them.

To view the website, you can go here:

The Red Line Inspections Website is Live

redline-inspections-calgary-website-designCalgary’s Red Line Inspections gave us the green light to get their new website live. We were approached by John Edward to design a website for his inspection company, in addition to business cards and print materials to spread word of his services.

Our web design team created a full screen, easy to navigate website that is mobile friendly and scales to size on all devices. We also helped John Edward craft the messaging for his newly launched business.

Redline Inspections provides comprehensive inspection services including QA/QC, vendor inspections and third party inspection services to the structural, piping and civil construction industries. Their certified inspectors bring unparalleled expertise to ensure vendor supplies meet project requirements, proper documentation and technical support is delivered as needed.      

To view the full website, you can go here:

A Web Design Overhaul for Mike Vail Trucking

mike-vail-calgary-website-designWe love working with fellow Calgary business owners so when the Mike Vail Trucking team approached us to redesign their website, we definitely wanted to help out. You see their trucks all over the city and fortunately we got to showcase their fleet throughout the new website design.

They asked us to create a user friendly website that was easy to navigate and display their massive collection of hauling equipment.  I had the pleasure of photographing their fleet after it had just been washed, so the chrome was super shiny reflecting light perfectly. The website is fully mobile responsive and it is live.

For over 3 decades, Mike Vail Trucking Ltd. has provided superior equipment and customer service to construction, aggregate, oil and gas, energy and environmental clients throughout Alberta. Since 1978, this family-run and operated trucking business has hauled loads with professionalism and the highest standards of performance.

To check out the new site, you can go here:

Our Latest Video Production Starring CampTek iTV

Cue the drum roll…we are pleased to announce our latest video production is now complete. Camp Tek contacted our corporate video production team to create an informational video for their latest product, the CampTek iTV. 

We crafted a script to highlight how the CampTek iTV connects remote work camps to the rest of the world. Hiring a voice actor to bring life into the words, we also created all the supporting graphics and animations to visually demonstrate how the device is installed and used.  

CampTek is the world's leading provider of turnkey technology solutions specifically designed for the remote camp industry. They are dedicated to connecting remote work camps to the rest of the world through integrated technology systems.   

Check it out:

A Website Transformation for Bio Can

biocan-website-design-calgaryWe are happy to announce that the new website design for Bio-Can is live. Their team contacted us to create a one page, full screen design to highlight how they revolutionize waste.

We helped truncate the messaging to fit well with the web design. Using video and floating images to create a dynamic feel, the website succinctly explains how Bio-Can diverts organic materials away from landfills and recycles the waste into organic compost and fertilizer. The website is fully mobile responsive and easy to navigate.

Bio-can recovers commercial, industrial and municipal organics. Using state-of-the-art technology they de-package organic materials, recover nutrients, and recycle them to create nutrient rich fertilizer products.

To learn more and see the full website, you can go here:

A New Website for Paradigm Psychology

paradigm-psychology-website-design-calgaryDr. Jennifer Jette contacted our web design team to create a website for her private practice branded as Paradigm Psychology. The new website is now live.

We created a clean, modern and custom design with a professional feel that highlights her experience as a therapist. Focusing on the user’s experience of the site, it is laid out in an easy to navigate manner with images that welcome visitors with warmth, empathy and compassion.

Paradigm Psychology offers individual, adolescent, and family therapy in addition to an array of forensic and assessment services. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Jette uses a variety of therapeutic and assessment techniques tailoring methods to suit each individual’s needs.

To visit the website, you may go here: