You HERD it here first! That's right, we don't only design websites, but we also build apps for clients! Our technical team had the chance to develop a custom online private database app for the Alberta Lamb Producers. This app was developed as an effective business tool for them, it allows Alberta Lamb to manage their producers and associated data. We pulled out all the stops! Replacing their outdated system and giving them a top-of-the-line upgrade! Emailing is also a crucial tool for businesses, and we improved their entire emailing system. Apps can help manage and grow your business, let the Blue Ocean team help!

One of our previous clients decided to start a new business and required a brand new website and logo! So we FLEXED our creative muscles and got to it!

We designed Bioflexx's website based on being GREEN and saving the environment, as you can tell with the cute leaves and Earth in the logo. We set up a basic store for this site, and loaded about 30 different products into this, because the pricing is so varied we created a quote form for the website making it easier for customers to contact and ask for pricing. The Blue Ocean team wrote all the content and 3 blog articles for this site that aligns with best SEO practices, as well as keeping it compelling. We installed the most up-to-date security and CMS components, along with our in-house hosting. Offering 24/7 website support. Take a scroll and check out the eye-catching icons that we've put on the homepage for easy navigation!

We gave Fireworks Spectaculars a BANGIN' new design! We changed up the home page, adding a video behind the logo in the header, looks like you're watching fireworks in person! So eye-catching it makes you want to browse further into the site. Everyone loves fireworks, so we decided to load up the site with their amazing photos and show them off! We optimized the site for use on all devices, from cellphones to desktops. Our designers organized and created the site for easier navigation for clients to find the information they're looking for. Not only did we redesign their site, but we are also hosting it with 24/7 website support! With the inspiration from their brochure, we crafted engaging content that will help with their SEO.

The Blue Ocean Team had the opportunity to redesign and upgrade Winnipeg Executives Association's website. 

Just as their members are leaders and executives, we made sure to give their website the executive treatment! We updated the website to be more attractive for members and future members to want to connect with each other. We added more photos, icons and pops of orange to the site to make it more appealing to the eye. For their home page, we've integrated a "member spotlight" section to highlight their members for that month. Who wouldn't want to be in the spotlight?! We've given this site the latest security and content management systems components.

We're proud to show off the redesign we've done for Alberta Association for Multicultural Education. We updated the look and feel of the site to make it more modern and to ensure users can feel the rich history behind AAMED. We improved their sitemap so that visitors can easily navigate through the website and find what they're looking for. Our designers incorporated an online purchasing system for their calendars. We provided them with the latest CMS and security components and a full copy rewrite that adheres to best SEO practices. Blue Ocean is also providing them with our in-house hosting services, and website support.

The Blue Ocean team is proud to show off Icon Energy's new site. When they came to us, their old site needed some work, so we revamped their entire site! 

Their brand book and colours were provided to us, so we incorporated the logo and colours on each page while making sure they looked modern and professional. The client had awesome photos of their products and services, adding photos to a website makes it more interesting! They needed help with their content and copy, so we worked on writing up paragraphs and descriptions for each of their services all while following best SEO practices. Blue Ocean is also offering Icon our in-house website and email hosting, domain management and 24/7 website support!

Blue Ocean was glad to have the opportunity to create a "brochure" style website for The Small Enterprise CFO. 

A brochure-style website means that all the information you need is on one page, not a whole lot of scrolling or navigating for users to find the information that they need. A lot of call-to-actions, icons, graphics, and charts were added to the website to hold users' attention. We installed the latest and greatest security components and CMS components on the site. The client provided us with all the content which we reviewed and revised as needed for best SEO practices.

Our long-time existing client, Pump Trac figured it was time to update their site. It's been 10 Years! And of course, we were pumped to get started.

 We upgraded their site and added some new metallic colours to make it look sleek and new! Helped them improve their content by condensing and implementing keyword improvements to help with their SEO. We installed the latest CMS and security components as well as optimized the site to be more user-friendly on all platforms, mobile, desktop and tablets! With the beautiful photos and videos the client provided, we have added them to the homepage and header to make the site more captivating! We changed up how their products were displayed, from lists to tiles, and it definitely looks a lot more organized!

When VA Brown asked us to update her site, we said account us in!

We were able to deliver a very quick turnaround for this site, we took her existing site and migrated it over to a new base and page builder, we used her general layout and design but just gave it a new modern look and feel. Of course, integrating the latest security and CMS components as well! As well as migrating her website over, we developed a new sleek logo with an earthy feel, and we must say it looks great! 

We were so excited to work with Cole International on re-designing their website. They have such a large site that it gave us the opportunity to pitch the idea of a MEGA menu, this helps consumers easily navigate through Cole's many pages just by hovering on the main menu. Thanks to the great team at Cole, they gave us some awesome footage and were able to put together a pretty nifty video to put on their homepage, displaying everything amazing about Cole. Cole has been around for a long while, and we wanted to design their website to give them a more modern look and feel. We implemented the latest CMS and security components in the new site and optimized the site to work on several different platforms. 

In the words of Maroon 5, "I need that sweetness in my life, sugar! Yes please!"

The Blue Ocean team was very excited to take on this very cute website for Sucre Body Sugaring Boutique. With their goal to educate clients on what sugaring is vs waxing, we made sure to make education In Your Face, with cute graphics showing step by step how natural their hair removal product is. We provided Sucre with the latest CMS (content management systems) components and optimized their site for all platforms such as mobile, computer or tablets. To ensure clients understood their cancellation policies, our designers made it very clear, with pop-ups reminding clients of their policies. Our content team assisted with the writing of their pages that works best with SEO practices as well as providing Sucre with their first two blogs prior to launch. 

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